cTrader Platform

cTrader is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform with advanced trading capabilities such as fast entry and execution and coding customization, as well as plenty of education and analysis to help you make better trading decisions.

Key benefits of cTrader trading

Rapid Entry and Execution

cTrader ensures rapid filling of multiple orders at once, without any order queue or compromise on execution quality

Level II Quotes

With executable pricing determined by liquidity providers, order books are filled through volume-weighted average price (VWAP). This makes the liquidity of all currency pairs fully transparent to the trader.

Transparency in Prices

Brokers need to connect with a minimum of one liquidity provider. Trade executions are then verified against the prices streamed from the liquidity providers. This ensures a better and more transparent execution of trades.

Advanced order protection

cTrader ensures a high degree of order protection to secure clients’ funds. On top of that, to strengthen ethical trading, FXCore also covers all negative balance costs caused by trading with higher leverages, compensating them back to zero. cTrader Forex trading protection features:

  • Set Scale-Out and Stop-Loss: Advanced take-profit allows traders to scale out of a position at various levels, while being able to set stop loss at break-even, or use server trailing stops to look for trading opportunities.
  • Manage Risk: Traders can trigger a take-profit and/or stop-loss, executing pending order, and also use other means to manage risks, such as diversifying assets, paying close attention to risk/reward ratios, testing trading strategies on demo accounts.
  • Choose Stop-Out Options: With two types of stop-outs, smart stop-out and fair stop-out, traders can protect margins.
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Leverage up

Over 28 cTrader
charting timeframes

cTrader software offers a large variety of charts across 28 time frames to suit different types of traders and trading strategies. Moreover, the platform offers over 70 pre-installed indicators, while in addition to them, experienced traders can benefit from custom indicators provided by the cTrader Developer Network (cTDN). cTrader is programmed in C#, a language that is easy to use, even if you are not a tech-savvy. And, there’s plenty of support available whenever you need it, with a large and active cTDN forum and the cTrader Developer’s Network.

How to start trading?

Advanced level scalping
with Automated cTrader

An intuitive and powerful trading aid, automated cTrader, allows traders to develop custom trading robots to automate trading. Its functionality is extensive, supports all types of Forex and CFD trading, and comes equipped with back-testing tools. Traders can customize their automated strategy to include: